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Support in times of need.of need.

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Global Institute Of Emotional Health & Wellness

Global Institute Of Emotional Health & Wellness (GIEHW) provides digital mental health interventions to make it easier for you to achieve mental and emotional wellness.

Welcome to Global Institute of Emotional Health & Wellness. It is our mission to help you achieve mental and emotional wellness by making professional counseling easily accessible to you through our digital platforms. With us, you can get help anywhere and anytime. We make it much easier for you to access licensed, trained and accredited counselors.

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How we work

The process for getting our help is simple:

1. download our NANI mobile app
2. sign up
3. choose a counselor
4. get help

Contact Us

Main Branch

4294 Hunters Moon Lane, Glen Lorne, Harare, Zimbabwe

Opened                              8:00 – 19:00

SUNDAY :                         CLOSED