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Support in times of need.of need.


Online Counselling Services

Our online counselling is one of the best ways to access professional help to achieve mental and emotional wellness. It is easily accessible and convenient. Through your mobile, phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can talk to a professional counselor to help you deal with your challenges.

Online counseling is ideal because:

– It is more flexible
– It eliminates social awkwardness
– It comes to you

The process for getting our help is simple:

1. download our NANI mobile app
2. sign up
3. choose a counselor
4. get help


Suicide Prevention & Support

Our mission is to save lives and restore hope through prevention and intervention. We operate a 24 hour suicide prevention & support hotline 0772 108 108 / 0732 108 108. If you are thinking of taking your own life or you are worried about a friend or loved one, you can reach out to us by calling, whatsapp or text to get immediate help by a trained counselor who will listen to you, support you and keep you safe.


Mental Health at Work

We offer training for companies and organizations that are interested in improving the mental and emotional wellness of their employees. The performance of any company is directly linked to the mental health of its team. Improved mental health means improved performance for a company or organization

Our training helps you:

– reduce absenteeism
– reduce presenteeism
– staff turnover
– understand mental health conditions
– learn how to support your team

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Online Counselling Services